You Get MORE Than What You Pay For

Patty McPeak 24/7 tastes better than any other meal replacement.

Voted best tasting!

Patty McPeak 24/7 Superfood Shake is one of my favorite products. In fact I have been offering it through since the very beginning.  I personally am a big fan of the Chocolate Shake and even use it in my weight-loss program.  I have also recommended it as a foundational anti-aging supplement and a delightfully healthy treat.  I must say, not many things beat the flavor of a 24/7 chocolate shake! But now I’d like to go into some detail and tell you why this remarkable weight loss shake and meal replacement ranks so high with me.

First24/7 provides super nutrition with only 100 calories (when made with water) – and that is really low on calories!

Second24/7 “really really” satisfies your craving for food for 3-5 hours because it supplies so much nutrition

Third24/7 takes the place of up to 10 bottles of needed supplements1, including:

  1. B Complex vitamins – whole-food sourced from the rice bran in 24/7  (this means you body CAN absorb them)
  2. Vitamin E complex – including the important “tocotrienols”
  3. Fiber – necessary for intestinal health and weight loss – the gentlest fiber I have ever found
  4. Multivitamin – a clean sourced* vitamin premix is included in 24/7 to cover your needs and make this meal replacement complete
  5. Vitamin D3 – the form of vitamin D your body needs – totally essential
  6. Antioxidants – super-foods are rated on their antioxidant content and 24/7 has more than 120 antioxidants
  7. CoQ10 – necessary for energy production (especially for the heart, liver & kidneys).
  8. Alpha-lipoic acid – for cataract protection & help with nerve dysfunction associated with diabetes, skin benefits, a fat and water- soluble antioxidant
  9. Gamma Oryzanol – a hard to find nutrient, boosts muscle growth, and reduces fat.
  10. Protein – both rice protein (vegetarian) and whey protein isolate (animal sourced) for both fast and sustained release of amino acids for body building

It doesn’t get much better than this.  And the money-back guarantee makes this wonderful product virtually fool-proof. It’s quite a bargain … just imagine – a meal that actually satisfies, with delicious flavor, and the equivalent of 6 – 10 separate supplements that your body needs. All for $2.33 per serving.   Quick, let’s get some now!

* Clean sourced – no soy, wheat gluten or other gluten, no corn, no GMO, no high fructose corn syrup


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